Product name : Cefobadr

Each vial contains :
Cefotaxime Sodium5.2 gm(Equivalent to cefotaxime base 5 gm)
Indications :
Cefotaxime is used to treat a variety of bacterial infection including :
In Foals:
• Treatment of respiratory infection associated with
Streotococcuszoopidemicus,major bacterial
pathogen associated with an equine respiratory
infection which causes strangles in horses
(sometimes called Treatment of respiratory
infection associated with S. pneumonia
Pneumococcus) is leading cause of bacterial
pneumonia and occasional etiology of Otitis media,
Sinusitis. Meningitis and Peritonitis
• Treatment of infection like neonatal foal meningitis
and septicemia associated withStahyococcupsspp,
Bacteroides spp. Peptostreptococcusanaerobius,
Enterobacteriaceae(E.coli,Salmonella spp,and

Dosage&Adminstration of Cefobadr:
Foals:for susceptible infection 0.2 – 0.3 ml /kg IV q 6h for 3 days .

Package: 100 c