Nutraa yeast

product name: Nutraa yeast

composition :
each one kilo contains
Dried yeast saccharomyces
Cerevisiae 100% 50mg
D.L Methionine 10000mg
L.Lysine 10000mg
Zinc 50000mg
Calcium 30000mg
Selenium 300mg
Carbonate calcium up to 1kg

Indication :
1. Nutraa yeast increase
effect on milk production and minimize incidence of metabolic
diseases in the time of calving
2. Nutraa yeast increase immunity due to its antioxidant property in
addition , it suppress the pro -inflammatory immune response
3. Nutraa yeast stabilize the rumen PH , stimulate certain celluolytic
bacteria enhances degradation and reduce methane production and
nitrogen loss
4. Nutraa yeast improve meat and egg production by improving
metabolism and thus increase gain and food efficiency
5. Nutraa yeast improve efficiency of digestive system by increase
growth of useful bacteria in the rumen
6. Nutraa yeast increase appetite