Dolmilk Puppy

Complete milk replacer for puppies (with a bottle and nipples)
• Properties:
• Dolmilk Puppy contains ingredients in optimal amount and proportions. The protein is only of
milk origin. Homogeneous fat in the form of microparticles is perfectly absorbed.
The formula is enriched with vitamins, amino acids, macro and micronutrients as well as lactose
on a safe level.
Dolmilk Puppy completely covers nutritional needs of all breeds of puppies.

When to apply:
o too abundant litter
o when mother dies or rejects the litter
o problems with mother’s milk
o to supplement nutrition shortages in puppies

How to apply:
• Dolmilk Puppy should be dissolved in warm and boiled water in the ratio 1:2 (1 measuring cup of
the formula per 2 measuring cups of water). Ready milk should be applied with a bottle and a
Dolmilk Puppy is also recommended in case of complementary feeding (according to puppies’